Making a Difference

On behalf of the officers, staff and executive board of Local 72-147, I wish you the happiest of holiday seasons. Reaching this special time of the year, we once again affirm all the hopes for goodwill that we have for life, our families and our communities. We think of those who have less than we do, and of the power of generosity and empathy in making our world better. As musicians, we regularly use our skills to help engender this holiday spirit. Just last month at our last Meet and Greet + Jam Session held in Fort Worth, I learned about some wonderful things our members do. Singer Jennifer Martin told me about a series of concerts that a she and a group of our members come together – regularly – to provide for homeless individuals. I was touched as she described to me the annual holiday concert coming up on December 20, and the effort to put together Christmas packages for the people in attendance. She told me that last year’s concert brought in about 400 people to participate in this sharing of hope and love. Another special holiday celebration comes to mind which takes place with the help of our musicians, and through the funding of Music Performance Trust Fund

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