Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Annual Dues Support of Local 72-147 Activities is more critical than ever.

Annual Dues of $135 are due in January,
or Semi-Annual Dues of $70 are due in January & July.

In consideration of the hardships caused by COVID-19,

Quarterly Payments of $35 in January and April can be made in place of a semi-annual payment.

Pay What You Can to Maintain Membership & Benefits, and Help us All to Face these difficult times together.

You may click Here to log in to to make a credit card payment.
Or mail your dues payment to:
Local 72-147 AFM
1939 Stadium Oaks Court #110
Arlington, TX 76011
  • While the AFM & Employers Pension Fund was recently forced to make a new application to the U.S. Treasury Department to reduce benefits under the Multiemployer Pension Reform Act (MPRA) which could take effect starting January 1, 2022, there is new hope for long sought legislative solutions to forestall these cuts and help rebuild the […]

  • As the COVID-19 Pandemic has created unprecedented hardships for working musicians, it is the intent and focus of Local 72-147 to maintain collective solidarity, provide representation and be a continued resource to the membership. In the effort to address the economic realities of the COVID-19 Pandemic shutdowns, the local has enacted the following policies and […]

  • After nearly eight months of negotiation, the musicians of the Dallas Opera Orchestra reached agreement with The Dallas Opera for a one-year extension to the Master Agreement which expired June 30, 2020. Due of the COVID-19 Pandemic, The Dallas Opera was forced to cancel all spring performances from the 2019-20 season, coming to an agreement […]

We greatly appreciate the generous support we have received from donors to the fund. Please click here for our complete list of donors.


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"Keeping Music Alive" Live Streamed Series Sponsored by MPTF

With the Support of Music Performance Trust Fund, we are working with community partners, to provide musical engagements for musicians during the COVID-19 Pandemic and provide safe live music during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Please tune in HERE for our live streamed performances as they take place. Look for upcoming internet performance events at the DFW Musicians Facebook Event Page.

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