• Coming soon this fall, the Denton Arts and Jazz Festival will be held from Friday, October 7 through Sunday October 9 at the Quakertown Park and Facilities in Denton. This year, 60 Local 72-147 AFM bands will perform on three of the festival’s open air stages throughout the weekend and are co-funded by The Recording […]

  • Musicians Federal Credit Union Announces an Instrument Loan Special Running Through November 30, 2022 SAVE ON INSTRUMENT LOANS New and Current MFCU Members have the chance to save 1% over the current APR of 8%. Youth Members can save from 1% over the current rate of 6.5% Call or email Rose Mathews at the Musicians […]

  • Due to the extreme circumstances of the Pandemic, Local 72-147 has been negotiating with nearly every employer with which it has an agreement constantly, dealing not only with wages and working conditions but with safety and health protocols unique to the times. As the Pandemic has been evolving, Local 72-147 has begun again to negotiate […]

  • On August 20, the musicians of the Wichita Falls Symphony ratified a three-year agreement that runs through May 2025. Over the three years of the agreement the musicians will receive an 8% wage increase, 4% in the first year, and an additional 2% in each of the following years. In addition, the travel (mileage reimbursement) […]

  • On August 5, the Musicians of the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra ratified a three-year agreement running from August 2022 through July 2025. For the first time since the musicians’ weeks had been reduced in 2010, provisions have now been negotiated to progressively address the orchestra’s unpaid 6 furlough weeks each year. The musicians will now […]

  • Canned Music for Full Ticket Price Casa Mañana in Fort Worth is staging its production of Matilda, The Musical this week to an accompaniment of recorded tracks – no live musicians in the orchestra pit. This represents a reduction in quality normally expected by its audiences, as productions in its Broadway Series are historically performed with […]

  • On January 10, the Musicians of the Dallas Opera Orchestra ratified a three-year successor agreement which runs from July 2021through June 2024. By the third year of the agreement the weekly employment guarantee will be restored to the pre-pandemic level of 17 weeks (plus one week of paid vacation), with a 5.5% cumulative wage increase […]


As we work to emerge from the COVID-19 Pandemic, Annual Dues Support of Local 72-147 Activities is more critical than ever.

Annual Dues of $135 are due in January,
or Semi-Annual Dues of $70 are due in January & July.

In consideration of the hardships caused by COVID-19,

We Continue to Accept Quarterly Payments of $35 

Thank You for your Dues support of our important work. If you need can't pay or need help, contact us (swilliams@musiciansdfw.org)!