Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Annual Dues Support of Local 72-147 Activities is more critical than ever.

Annual Dues of $135 are due in January,
or Semi-Annual Dues of $70 are due in January & July.

In consideration of the hardships caused by COVID-19,

Quarterly Payments of $35 in January and April can be made in place of a semi-annual payment.

Thank You for your Dues support of our important work. If you need can't pay or need help, contact us (!


  • by Stewart WilliamsPresident, Local 72-147 Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending a joint performance of 50 musicians of the Dallas Symphony with 50 musicians of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. Together they performed Mahler’s Symphony No. 1 on April 30 and May 1 at the Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas. The performance was unique […]

  • The Mixed Earner Unemployment Compensation benefit is designed to provide financial assistance to gig workers, freelancers, and other self-employed individuals who receive artificially low unemployment benefits due to part of their income coming from W-2 wages. Many professional musicians are mixed earners — those who earn income both as employees and freelancers — deserve support […]

  • From the Editor: For many years, our pension fund has been facing terrible choices in its effort to ensure its life and future. All the while, we have been working hard for legislative solutions, and have been making progress in an uphill battle. Due to years of painstaking persistence, pension relief — as AFM President […]

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