Support Locked Out LCSO Musicians in Informational Leaflet

Please join our locked-out musicians together as we let the audience know what is going on – they are NOT on strike, but prohibited by the Management from playing the concerts for which they have been contracted.

Musicians will be handing out fliers before concerts this week. Please come out to support the LCSO Musicians by helping hand out leaflets to patrons at 6:30pm.

Friday 18 October
Granville Arts Center
5th and Austin Streets, Garland, TX

Saturday 19 October
Irving Arts Center
3333 North MacArthur Blvd., Irving, TX

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Las Colinas Symphony Musicians Locked Out

As of late September, Management of the Las Colinas Symphony Orchestra (also performing as the Garland Symphony Orchestra and Symphony Arlington) has locked out its Winds, Brass, Percussion players & Harpist for the 2019-20 Season as a result of Local 72-147 filing grievances on behalf of the orchestra’s members. The season is to open October 17, 18 and 19 with concerts in Arlington, Garland and Irving.

In the last few years of a longtime relationship with the Las Colinas Symphony Orchestra, tensions have come to the surface as Local 72-147 has taken action to represent musicians of the orchestra in various circumstances. This pattern continued as the spring turned into summer this year as Individual contracts were issued to musicians with non-bargained modifications, a dramatic staff change took place at the LCSO office, and some disturbing actions have been taken by the LCSO adversely affecting musicians.

After a contentious negotiation during the summer of 2018, the goal of the Players Committee and the Union was to build a better and productive relationship with the LCSO, with the appointment of new Executive Director Darren Rich. The musicians regularly expressed their hopes and aspirations

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