Disaster Relief

June 7, 2024

Dallas County has been added to the federal disaster declaration allowing residents to apply for aid. If you have been severely impacted by the recent storms, you can now apply to the federal government for aid. You can call the FEMA Helpline at 800-621-3362 or go to

In addition, we wanted to make sure that members are aware that you could also be eligible apply to Union Plus for a $500 grant. There is a catch, however – to be considered, the AFM member must have an AFM/Union Plus Credit Card for at least three months, a Union Plus Mortgage, Union Plus Life or Accidental Death Insurance, Union Plus Retiree Healthcare, or Union Plus Auto Insurance for at least twelve months, or a Union Plus Personal Loan for at least six months (with accounts/policies in good standing). So probably not many of you are eligible, but we wanted to put this message out there anyway just in case.