Your Vote May Never Have Been More Important, Seriously

October 29, 2020

Perhaps never before have the choices at the ballot box been more critical for musicians and all our Union brothers and sisters.

As months have passed without the passage of the HEROES Act, professional musicians inhabit a unique place in this as our industry sits at a standstill as employers wait for responsible action through Congress, and we struggle to survive in the morass – day to day.

In addition, we are forced to address serious ongoing issues further exacerbated by the Pandemic. Our representatives have true power to enact solutions to many important issues. Along with the HEROES Act, the Butch Lewis Act needlessly languishes at the doorstep of the Senate. Basic responsible movement on this legislation would provide a sensible framework for ours and other Pension Funds to rebuild and heal. It is also critical that responsible appointments be made to the National Labor Relations Board to protect our rights as union members and our ability to negotiate fairly for our bargaining units.

Experience has taught us that our relationships bear fruit on both sides of the aisle. Cries for fairness, empathy and justice speak to all parties seeking to honorably represent the electorate. Certainly, we have long been working with members of Congress to make known our priorities on tax reform, arts funding, performance rights, and of course relief for our pension fund, and healthcare.

It is now the time and a supreme opportunity to vote for the candidates who share our values and vote out those who do not.

If you have not voted yet— be sure you do by Friday or in person on Election Day.

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