Changes at the Office

November 30, 2018

We are very excited here in the office about the recent changes we have made. We have a new server computer and 4 new workstations, all of which were refurbished machines that we purchased at a good discount.  I no longer have the slowest machine in the office! The biggest news, however, is the new website that President Williams has worked very hard on.  There may be some growing pains with it at first, but it will have much more functionality and be much more interactive than in the past. We will also be adding features to it as time goes by.

I specifically wanted to mention that the payment section has been greatly improved. You will be able to see at a glance if you have an outstanding balance or credit, whether or not you owe either membership or work dues, and pay for it all at once by credit card. I am also pleased to announce that the Executive Board voted at the meeting this month to lower our credit card processing fee from 6% to 3.5%, and this change has already come into effect. If you have any questions about anything you see on your account, email me a, or call the office at 817-469-6040.

As a reminder, 2019 dues are due by the end of January. Regular and Student Member Annual Dues are $135, and Semi-Annual Dues are $70. Life Member and Youth Member Annual Dues are $99.  You can pay on the website with a credit card, or you can always avoid the processing fee and send a check made out to AFM Local 72-147, 1939 Stadium Oaks Court, Suite 110, Arlington, TX, 76011. Youth Membership requires that you be under the age of 21, and Life Membership requires that you be BOTH a) at least 70 years of age, and b) have been a member of the AFM for 35 years continuously.

Another new feature of your profile is that you will be able to see who is listed on your life insurance beneficiary card. As a member of our local, as long as you are in good standing at the time of your death, your beneficiary will receive a $2000 benefit. The local self-funds this benefit, the account for which is housed in our own Musicians Federal Credit Union.  We are one of the only AFM locals that offer such a benefit. Please check and see who is listed as your beneficiary – there are many of you who have not filled out a card, or whose card is quite old and should be updated. If you haven’t ever filled out a card, or if need to change your beneficiary, there are instructions on how to do so.