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Broadway Dallas Musicians Ratify New Five Year Agreement

August 8, 2023

On July 17, the musicians of Broadway Dallas ratified a five-year agreement running from November 2022 through October 2027.

Formerly Dallas Summer Musicals, Broadway Dallas (which rebranded last year) presents touring shows in the Music Hall at Fair Park in Dallas, and employs local musicians for the pit orchestra in these productions.

Musicians had been working under a one year extension of a previous agreement which commenced in August 2021 when Broadway touring shows reopened after an 18 month pandemic shutdown

After negotiations for a successor collective bargaining agreement commenced last fall and continued through the spring and summer, a deal was reached for wage increases totaling 20% over the term of the agreement, breaking down as follows: 8% for the 2022-23 season, 3% for 2023-24, 3% for 2024-25, 3% for 2025-26, and 3% for 2026-27.

Also included in the agreement are increases to cartage paid to musicians and clarifications to how wage premiums (for lead players) will be applied. Additionally, musicians who are engaged to perform as substitute synthesizer players (to sub for touring synthesizer players) are now covered specifically in the agreement with new provisions providing a minimum pay floor if engaged to sub into the run of the show.

There are also standard provisions now included in the agreement to protect against discrimination, establish a standard of health and safety at the workplace as well as a statement of commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

To a large extent language of this successor agreement has been clarified and updated, obsolete references have been removed which have created ambiguity and confusion, and gender neutral language has been adopted.

Special thanks go to Broadway Dallas musicians on the negotiation team which include Brian Brown, Jennifer Griffin and Randy Lee.