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Local 72-147 Election Results

December 4, 2023

The nominations meeting for officers of Local 72-147 was held on November 5 for the term beginning January 2024 and concluding December 2026. All officers and eight Executive Board members ran unopposed and were elected by acclamation. The results are as follows: Officers elected by acclamation were Stewart Williams as President, Karen Schnackenberg as Vice President and Aaron Pino as Secretary-Treasurer. Also elected by acclamation to the Executive Board Member were Dwight Anderson, Brian Brown, Matthew Good, Frederick Nichelson, Rachella Parks-Washington, Brian Piper, Breggett Rideau and Paul Unger.

In addition, Local 72-147 is allowed 4 delegates to the AFM Convention. President and Secretary-Treasurer are delegates by virtue of their office. Karen Schnackenberg and Frederick Nichelson were elected to serve as additional delegates. Kenneth Krause was elected as an alternate delegate.


About Local 72-147 Elections: Bylaws provide for triennial (every three years) nomination and election of officers and convention delegates. Nominations will be taken for the following officers: President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, and eight Executive Board Members. The President and Secretary-Treasurer are the first two delegates to the AFM Convention. Nominations are also accepted for an additional delegate and a Diversity Delegate, as well as alternate delegates respectively. If a nominee was not present at the nominations meeting, a signed statement from the nominee was presented at the time the nomination was made stating that the person will accept the nomination and serve if elected.

Installation of officers shall be held not later than January 10 of the year
following election. The affairs of the Association will be run by the then existing officers until installation.