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Musicians of the DSO Ratify New 3 Year Deal

April 9, 2024

On March 3, the Musicians of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra ratified a three-year agreement running from September 1, 2024 through August 31, 2027. After preliminary discussions began late in 2024 with the current agreement still being in effect through August of this year, it became clear that an early successor contract settlement would be possible. After several weeks of talks, an agreement was reached which would increase the musicians wages by 12.75% over a three year term, the largest pay increase over a three year period that DSO Musicians have received in more than two decades.

The Musicians’ yearly salaries will increase by a total of 4% in the 2024-25 season, by 4.25% in the 2025-26 season and by 4.5% in the 2026-27 season — which will bring the total annual salary to $121,645 by the agreement’s final year.

In addition, new work rules were developed including clarifications to the contract’s leave of absence and parental leave provisions, a new indoor temperature clause, and runout performance clarifications. Additionally, two paid local television broadcasts (per year) are now provided for in the agreement, and adjustments were made to the scope of the Musicians involvement in the DSO’s program for Audience Engagement Activities.

Importantly, updates were negotiated to rules governing audition committees and tenure review procedure, as well as a new audition process for the orchestra librarians.

“The Negotiating Committee had positive and productive talks from the start with the DSO executive director Kim Noltemy,” said Negotiation Committee Chair David Sywak.  “Once we were able to achieve some good salary numbers other issues moved quickly allowing an early settlement. Thanks to the Committee, President Williams and Kevin Case, senior DSO management and Board for focusing on a few key issues to get a deal done,” he said.

Serving on the negotiation team were Negotiation Committee members David Sywak (chair), Jenna Barghouti, Alex Kienle, Emily Levin and George Nickson, with Local 72-147 President Stewart Williams and Local Counsel Kevin Case.