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Negotiating Beyond the Pandemic Era

September 12, 2022

Due to the extreme circumstances of the Pandemic, Local 72-147 has been negotiating with nearly every employer with which it has an agreement constantly, dealing not only with wages and working conditions but with safety and health protocols unique to the times. As the Pandemic has been evolving, Local 72-147 has begun again to negotiate multi-year agreements, with the intention of charting the direction of our industry and moving out of the Pandemic era.

Last year, this was begun with two multi-year agreements ratified by the musicians of the Dallas Symphony and East Texas Symphony, but nearly all other local CBAs were operating under Pandemic era extensions and were up for re-negotiation. After heavy months of negotiation new multi-year contracts have been ratified by musicians of the Fort Worth Symphony, The Dallas Opera and the Wichita Falls Symphony. Ongoing talks with other employers include negotiations with Casa Mañana, Broadway Dallas (formerly Dallas Summer Musicals) and Waco Symphony.

Click HERE for reports on settlements, as well has updates on negotiations currently under way.