New Agreement for Casa Manana

October 13, 2019

This summer the Musicians of Casa Manana ratified a three year successor collective bargaining agreement with Local 72-147 with improved wages and conditions pertaining to hiring. A fundamental element of this agreement is an updated hiring list. In negotiating this new list, attention was made to hiring history and seniority so to represent the actual musicians who perform for the company. Some musicians who have played for Casa productions over the years, but were not on the list, now have a level of job security and voice in processes provided for in the Master Agreement.

Other changes to the agreement include that an instrumentation listing and rehearsal/performance schedule shall be provided to Contractor/Union at the beginning of each season. The instrumentation listing shall include planned pit orchestra sizes (number of musicians). The listing shall also include notation of instruments that can be confirmed as part of the ensemble for each respective production. This provides early notification about season plans, and more opportunity to organize a Score Reduction Committee of the Musicians provided for in the CBA.

Another new provision is that the Association will make monthly updates to Contractor/Union as to changes and what parts can be additionally confirmed. This will allow for monthly updates that can be sent to the Score Reduction committee, to bring that group into the communication loop.
In addition, final notice of instrumentation has been changed from 30 days to 45 days before the respective production, with the stated intention of providing it 60 days in advance.

Wages have been increased 2% for last season (retroactively paid), 3% for next year, and 3% for the year after that. Regular three hour services are now 162.75 (2018-19), 167.64 (2019-20), 172.65 (2020-21). The per service amount for the Apprentice Program services rates are raised to $125 this summer (from $100), and will be subject to the contracted raises for future seasons. The pension contribution which has already gone into effect, went up in accordance with the Fund’s Rehabilitation plan and is now 14.3880%.

“This revision and expansion of the hiring list and some basic rules should give us more strength in negotiating new contracts and in enforcing this one. It is our hope that we all reach a new level of engagement in planning for the future and the long term direction of our agreements with Casa Manana,” said Union President Stewart Williams. Thanks go to the Negotiation Committee consisting of Roger Dismore, Becky Rathbun and Larry Spencer.