New Agreement for East Texas Symphony

October 13, 2019

The Musicians of the East Texas Symphony Orchestra ratified a successor agreement with ETSO Management for a one year extension to the Master agreement which expired last May, including a wage increase and a few modifications.

During last season, a new possibility came up related to the possibility that the Association may consider a change in the the major venue used by the organization, which is currently at the Cowan Center at the University of Texas at Tyler. As more details of this possibility came to light, negotiations became centered around a request by management for an extension of one year allowing for more discussion and planning around this possible change in the future for the ETSO.

Due to this one major consideration, the Musicians reached an agreement with a term of one year. Wages will be increased by 3% for the 2019-2020 Season. In addition, an agreement was reached over a new process by which string bowings are prepared (and services paid for the preparation), and with updated provisions for pay and benefits for our orchestra librarian.

Most importantly, the Union will be in a dialogue with Management throughout the next year to negotiate a multiyear contract to address the challenges and potentialities as plans and details come into focus for a move to a new hall in 2021-22. Special thanks go to the ETSO Players Committee for their work on this negotiation consisting of James Sims, chair, Chris Deane, Jennifer McElroy, Tami Peterson, Barney McCallum, Tim Stevens and Rebecca Wenck.