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New Three Year CBA with Wichita Falls Symphony

September 12, 2022

On August 20, the musicians of the Wichita Falls Symphony ratified a three-year agreement that runs through May 2025. Over the three years of the agreement the musicians will receive an 8% wage increase, 4% in the first year, and an additional 2% in each of the following years. In addition, the travel (mileage reimbursement) for musicians driving to Wichita Falls will receive increases each year of the agreement.

Additional work rules negotiated in this agreement include new audition provisions to refine the process and provide compensation for musicians serving on audition committees, paid bowing services for principal strings, season scheduling consultation with the players committee and some increased flexibility for musicians to help work out scheduling conflicts.

The new agreement also provides for a contractor of musicians to be engaged by the company, with agreed upon qualifications for the position, and musician consultation for the hiring of the position. There is also new language about the engagement of musicians that may take place outside of the regular orchestra subscription series, clarifying that additional orchestral performances are covered under the terms of the CBA.

The negotiation team consisted of orchestra members Dwight Anderson, Kristin Van Cleve, Nancy ,  James Sims and Susan Younghans with Local 72-147 President Stewart Williams.