Texas AFL-CIO Scholarship Awarded - New Applications Accepted

December 2, 2018

All members or children of members, or children whose legal guardians are members of our local or any local union affiliated with the Texas AFL-CIO and the local Central Labor Council are eligible for a scholarship from the Texas AFL-CIO . Applicants must be high school seniors who are planning to attend a university, college, or technical institute in the summer or fall term.The program helps children of union members pay for college, but it goes beyond that. Through an interview and testing process, all applicants get more exposure to how unions work and to labor history.

One of last year’s scholarship winners was Madelyn Nichelson, the daughter of Local 72-147 member, Frederick Nichelson. Here is what she has to say about the program:

“The Texas AFL-CIO Scholarship has helped me by allowing me to further my education at the #1 historically black university in the country. The ability to go to Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University provides me opportunities to gain cultural knowledge and experiences, as well as encouraging my growth and independence as an individual. With this scholarship, the burden of out of state costs does not weigh as heavy and I am able to focus solely on my studies. It is an honor to have the chance to go to a diverse campus that establishes itself on intellectual and cultural growth and enables me to have an educational experience of a lifetime.”

Application forms are available from the
Tarrant County Central Labor Council
or the Texas AFL-CIO Education Department
P. O. Box 12727, Austin, Texas 78711
You may also download an application at
www.musiciansdfw.org under
“Documents” in the Members Area.