Pandemic Dues Policies to Help Members Maintain Membership

December 19, 2020

As the COVID-19 Pandemic has created unprecedented hardships for working musicians, it is the intent and focus of Local 72-147 to maintain collective solidarity, provide representation and be a continued resource to the membership. In the effort to address the economic realities of the COVID-19 Pandemic shutdowns, the local has enacted the following policies and initiatives:

Quarterly Dues Payments

On December 14 the Local 72-147 Executive Board unanimously approved a resolution to allow quarterly payments of $35, which would be due in January and April, to be a dues payment option for members under economic hardship due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Waived Reinstatement & Late Fees

Local 72-147, under Pandemic Policies set by the International Executive Board of the AFM, is additionally waiving all reinstatement fees as well as late fees, relating to any membership status. These waivers are currently effective through March 31, and have been in effect since April 9, 2020.

Membership Drive

Through January, Local 72-147 is engaged in a membership drive which waives initiation fees for new member applications.

“It is our priority to hold the membership together during these trying times,” said Local 72-147 President Stewart Williams. “While the local faces a true economic challenge these days, we want all our members to understand that they come first. The Officers and
Executive Board of Local 72-147 are committed to being as flexible as possible to keep us all together through this difficult period in our history,” he said.

In addition, applications are continuing to be accepted for financial assistance through the DFW Musicians COVID-19 Relief Fund. Members may apply by clicking HERE.