San Antonio Symphony on Strike!

December 1, 2021

(reprinted from the November 2021 issue of The International Musician)

After a series of bad faith bargaining sessions culminating in management’s declaration of impasse and imposition of an unacceptable contract, the musicians of the San Antonio Symphony (SAS) announced a strike as of September 27. SAS musicians are represented by Local 23 (San Antonio, TX)

Having already accepted an 80% pay cut to help preserve their orchestra during the pandemic, SAS musicians were given a proposal that would reduce the number of full-time positions from 72 to 42. This “last, best, and final offer” would eliminate four positions entirely and cut the remaining 26 musicians to a per-service contract that would reduce their salary to below the poverty level, without any benefits. In addition, the remaining 42 full-time musicians would take a pay cut of 33%.

The SAS musicians unanimously rejected this proposal and called an unfair labor practice strike. The International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musicians (ICSOM) has issued a call to action.

To donate, please make checks payable to “Musicians of San Antonio Symphony” and mail to:

24911 Crescent Trace

San Antonio, TX 78258

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