Negotiations Underway for ETSO

June 27, 2024

Negotiations are underway with the East Texas Symphony Orchestra Association for a successor agreement to cover wages and working conditions for the musicians of the ETSO.

Negotiation sessions with the ETSOA began and have been progressing since late spring, as the previous collective bargaining agreement expired on May 31. Musicians have participated in a survey developed by the Musicians negotiation team to aid in the development of proposals.

Indications are that talks have been productive, as the ETSOA has agreed in the interim to pay an increase in wages and travel expense fees for a performance scheduled in late June.

Talks are scheduled to resume in early July. Musicians are represented in the negotiations by the ETSO Players’/Negotiation Committee: Chris Chapin, Sharon Deuby, Barney McCollum, James McNair, Laura Ospina, Tami Peterson and James Sims