Contact the White House and Congress and Tell Them to Fund the Government TODAY!

January 21, 2019

As the partial government shutdown that began on December 22 drags on, 800,000 federal workers are now feeling the pain of the political stalemate between the White House and Congress. Hundreds of our fellow union members are NOT receiving paychecks right here in Dallas/Fort Worth. Whether they are furloughed, or suffering mandatory work without pay, these are our brothers and sisters who are hurting the most through this shut down.

How we can help:

1. Contact the White House on social media and tell President Trump to work with Congress to fully fund the government today.

• Tweet to the White House using the handle @WhiteHouse

• Send them a message or leave a comment on Facebook at

2. Call Congress at (866) 803-8830 to speak with all three of your lawmakers. Call the number 3 times: Twice for both Senators and once for you Representative. Tell them to fully fund the government today!

3. Tweet and post to Facebook about the implications of this shutdown on your family and the services you provide to American people. Use the hashtag #ShutdownStories at the end of your post.

• You can write a post or even make a 30-second video with your phone.

• You should share it with all 3 of your members of Congress on their Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. Here is where you can find the websites for your Representative and both Senators. You should be able to find links to their twitter and Facebook account on congressional websites:

i. House:

ii. Senate:

4. Write a letter to editor and send it to local and national newspapers until it gets published. Once you get your letter published, share it with all 3 members of Congress on their Facebook pages and Twitter accounts as well.