New Bi-Partisan Bill to Address Pension Difficulties in Congress

The new new year has brought good news for the AFM & Employers Pension Fund. In its first action in the 116th Congress, the House Ways and Means Committee introduced a bipartisan bill that would address the serious challenges faced by the AFM-EPF and other multi-employer pension funds.

Introduced by Rep. Richard Neal, D-MA, the newly minted chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, the Rehabilitation for Multiemployer Pensions Act has a total of 10 sponsors, five from each party.

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Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.’s Legacy for Labor Justice

In Dr. Kings final speech, he spoke for justice to Union workers. In providing aid and support to the Memphis Sanitation Workers’ Strike, Dr. King had been to Memphis twice in the month leading up to this day: speaking a at rally before 15,000 people and returning for a march. When the march erupted in violence and had to be called off, King returned again to restore nonviolence to the movement.

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