January 21, 2019

I hope everyone has had a great holiday season, and a Happy New Year! As we tend to make New Years resolutions, I would like to put forth some resolutions for our local — resolutions we will keep!

Building on the beginnings of last year, we are set to move forward representing musicians and partnering with our community like never before. Last year, we held three events — Jam Sessions — where we reached out to members in the community to host events building our own internal relationships while reaching out to other musicians in our area. We held events in Dallas, Denton and Fort Worth. In beginning this initiative, we took the first steps in developing a new outreach, but achieved things that we had not expected, leading us to new avenues of potential. As a result, we now have partnerships with the community that we otherwise would not have. With the Greater Denton Arts Council for example, we now have a partner in reaching out to students preparing for their music careers at the University of North Texas. And with the Woodall Rogers Park Foundation (Klyde Warren Park), we have a partner in bringing musicians together and showcasing them to the city. (You will hear more about that soon!) With these new connections we are increasingly set up to foster the performing arts scene and serve local citizens. In addition,  we have had meetings and conversations with each other that otherwise may not have happened. All this is basic groundwork to keeping up with a fast changing culture, and newly developing demographics.

Much of what this is about is the engagement and participation of YOU, the membership. The common denominator to the success of anything we do is membership participation. It is the goal of any union to grow, but outward development must be spurred by an impetus from within, by our own energies and activity. So often, we are reacting to the actions of others outside, handling crisis, putting out fires. Of course, we will always do this, but the next step is taking control of our course so that we are not always reacting. As we become more dynamic through heightened participation and working together, we can get ahead of the game and affect positive change. As your president, it is my resolution that we organize more and more activities that bring us together, enhance our communication, and be a stronger union. Again, Happy New Year!