Underneath recent actions by an employer here in Dallas/Fort worth, there has been a campaign which undermines the basic rights of our musicians under federal law, which are set forth principally in Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act:

Employees have the right to unionize: to self-organization, to form, to join or assist labor organizations

To Bargain Collectively through representatives of their own choosing

To engage in Concerted Activities: that is, when two or more employees act together to improve their terms and conditions of employment

These rights are basic rights of employees, and are central to the power we have to advocate for musicians. We also have the right to seek the protection of them through the processes of the the National Labor Relations Board. Please read more about our ongoing fight to oppose this effort of the LCSO to take away each of these fundamental rights.

Oak Cliff Flamenco Festival – “Bishop Arts Barrage”: Thanks to the generosity of the Music Performance Trust Fund, we partnered with Flamenco Fever on their Bishop Arts Barrage event. We provided musicians to two stages that were set up in the Bishop Arts Area of Oak Cliff as people and dancers moved from stage to stage..