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December 10, 2021

2021: Year in Review, Part 1

Upcoming Local 72-147
General Membership Meeting

Monday, December 13, 2021
7:00 PM

The meeting shall be held virtually by zoom. Please register to attend the meeting by clicking HERE.

State of the Union: Transitioning from Crisis to Progress

The Presidents Message

2021: A most important “Year in Review”.  On January 1st of this year I wrote to you that we were finding ourselves at a juncture, “setting our sights on the task of rebuilding our profession, and our lives.” I mentioned that we had much work to do in facing the challenges of the Pandemic, but   …read more

Denton Arts & Jazz Festival Returns

In first weekend of October this fall, the Denton Arts and Jazz Festival was held after an absence of 18 months and several postponements due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Normally held in April, the festival became a fall event for 2021, so to not keep jazz lovers waiting another six months for the festival’s return. …read more

San Antonio Symphony on Strike!

(reprinted from the November 2021 issue of The International Musician) After a series of bad faith bargaining sessions culminating in management’s declaration of impasse and imposition of an unacceptable contract, the musicians of the San Antonio Symphony (SAS) announced a strike as of September 27. SAS musicians are represented by Local 23 (San Antonio, TX) …read more

Broadway Touring Returns

Touring Shows Open with Wicked, Presented by Dallas Summer Musicals. 

In August 2021 Broadway touring shows reopened after the long 18 months since the shutdown began. Wicked, the first of all the shows to reopen began here in North Texas, presented by Dallas Summer Musicals (DSM). As full scale theatrical touring is perhaps the most …read more

Wage Scales Extended Through June 2022

The Local 72-147 Executive Board voted in November to extend current wage scales through June 30, 2022. A single modification in AFM & Employer Pension Fund Contributions for applicable scales shall go into effect, raising current contribution rates from 5% to 5.5%, rendering all contributions compliant to current AFM-EP Fund Rehabilitation Plan requirements. Due to …read more

Negotiation Reports

Throughout the Pandemic and moving forward into 2020 negotiations have been and continue to be held to address pandemic realities and for successor agreements. Click HERE for reports on contract settlements as well as updates for ongoing negotiations.

There is no better time to join Local 72-147 as we work together to emerge of the COVID-19 Pandemic and build back better than before.

Local and Federation Initiation Fees are currently waived also making now the least expensive time to join. The New Member Application is available by clicking HERE. Please pass on the word!


As we work to emerge from the COVID-19 Pandemic, Annual Dues Support of Local 72-147 Activities is more critical than ever.

Annual Dues of $135 are due in January,
or Semi-Annual Dues of $70 are due in January & July.

In consideration of the hardships caused by COVID-19,

We Continue to Accept Quarterly Payments of $35 

Thank You for your Dues support of our important work. If you need can’t pay or need help, contact us (!